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Clairvoyant Medium ~ Let me bring you ~ Guidance, Clarity & Reassurance



I am your little angel

and I'm sent from far away

To cheer you up if you are sad

or had a rotten day.

So when you find a home for me

make sure that it is near,

For when you need to talk things out

I can lend an ear.

I'm here to make you smile

when you feel a little blue,

Just look into my eyes

and I'll smile right back at you.

Or when your feeling lonely,

and no one seems to care,

Remember angels do,

and we are everywhere.

If you are scared and don't feel safe,

and don't know what to do,

talk to me

and I will get you through.

Now find that special place for me

deep inside your heart,

And I will always be there for you

no matter how far apart.



About Mary


I am a Clairvoyant/Medium/Psychic/Healer/Ayurvedic Head Massage Therapist!

I have been blessed since the day I was put on this Earth. My parents almost lost me when I was born and since prayer was very important in my family;  my mother told God that she would name me after the Blessed Virgin Mary, if I was allowed to live. Hello my name is Mary!

Throughout my life, I have had many challenges. I have had a good childhood and very memorable. Since the passing of my father when I was 7 1/2 yrs. old, on the day of my Christmas play at school, I was an Angel. I look back on that day and remember it well.

When I was in my early teens, my father paid a visit to me. My friend, JoAnne and I, saw a black silhouette of a man, sitting in my father's chair. It was the shape of my father. That was my first real encounter in person! It was very scary to me at that time, but my mother always told me that I was very lucky to have him come to me like this. She always told me not to be scared, she said he is just letting me know that he loves me and still watching over me.

Since then, we had many things happening around the house, like pictures being turned around all the time, the phone would give one ring at the same time EVERY night for years. In the peanut butter jar, it looked like someone use to scoop the peanut butter up with their fingers and my Mom use to blame me for that, but it wasn't me! This happened for years and we realised it was Dad again, because he use to eat raw peanuts all the time. He use to sit in his chair and have a bag of peanuts in their shells, crack them and eat them! I remember joining him and enjoyed that special bonding moment with him eating peanuts! :)

Then in my early 20's, I had an encounter that was amazingly scary for me at that time! I was supposed to go to my father's grave that day and did not make it, so he came to me! It was 12:15am and I walked into the dark room to get to the kitchen, I noticed that the corner light came on, and at the same time, I felt my father walk right through me. I felt him, smelt him, and felt the breeze as he walked through my WHOLE body, it was like electric tingles inside me from head to toe! I was again scared!  I did not go home for 2 days!

Strange things continued to happen in my household, even though we knew it was Daddy, Mom still reassured me. :)

When I moved to New Zealand, my father came with me and made himself known to my husband (at the time)! He said right before we went to bed, "We have not heard from your father in a long time". I said, "SHHHH..., now he will come"! Sure enough, my father turned up the stereo on full throttle and onto my favourite song on the CD, at 3am. My baby boy didn't even wake up to all that noise in the next room! ;)

Then in 2004, I had a low in my life, regarding my marriage. I asked God for help. I prayed like no other. At that time, my husband, bought me this book that I wanted to read, by Doreen Virtue, (she's a mentor to me & we met at one of her shows here in New Zealand, in 2006), which had Automatic Writing in it. I was fascinated with it, because I use to write to pen pals all over the world, since I was 8. I took to it very quickly and learned a lot from it. This was a way of communicating with the other side and Jesus, Mother Mary, my Angels, my Spirit guides, reassured me that everything will be okay and to have Faith & to keep Praying. They gave me guidance and put me on the right track in my life. I Believe in "Jesus Saves"! He sure saved me from that Dark Hole I was about to go down. But they helped me and I got through it. I had a calling from God through my writings, and He asked if I would help other people on this Earth through my writings and I said YES! And here I am now, doing what I love to do the most. I feel complete now.

I am here to pass on messages & healings from the other side to help others! I am able to relay things from your Past, Present & Future, if you don't understand some things I tell you now, it will make sense for you later. I get alot of confirmation from clients and they can't get over how accurate their readings were! :)  Having this Gift is soooo rewarding! 

My techniques are: Automatic Writing, Angel card intuitive, Energy healings, Balancing the Chakras, Platform work, Meditation Groups, Psychometry, House Clearings/Blessings, Psychic Suppers & Internet/Telephone Readings and I am the Medium, for the Auckland Spirit Chasers, a Paranormal Investigation Group! I am also a Ayurvedic Head Massage Therapist!

Plus I attend Psychic Fairs around New Zealand, so keep your eyes open!

*One year I had mentioned to KC to come to my area to do his shows & he then agreed to come here, so helped organize shows for Kelvin Cruickshank, to be in Pukekohe for over 4 years, a TV Medium in New Zealand. The  first big show we did was in the Pukekohe Town Hall, 500 people fit. That was some show! He gave me a big bunch of flowers on stage for all my help! He did smaller, regular shows after that, once a month! :) Those were very good and memorable years!

Looking forward to meeting you!  

Angels Love You ~Mary    

(By the way, I am not afraid anymore! Thanks Mom for believing in me!  I love you!  <3 )






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