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This is where I  learned an amazing, "Spiritual Hands on Healing Technique" in 2004 &

the "Advanced Healing Class", with Richard Medway, in 2006 &

"Colour Therapy Course" in 2006,

a whole new side of ME came out!


Prices for Hands on Healings:

(First time) 1 hour = $ 80.00

1/2 hour top up healings = $ 40.00 (depending on the situation)


(Always see your doctor, if you are under doctors care. Healing compliments.)



Case Number 1:  A gentleman came to me once with a cancer on his ear, was not feeling well, looked pale and was hunched over. After the healing of releasing emotional things, he was not hunched over when he left my office and had all his colour back into his skin.  He went back to his doctor later and the doctor wanted to know where that cancer on his ear went and what he did!  He still goes back for check ups, but all clear.


Case Number 2:  A woman came to me with Motor Neurone Disease & wanted a healing. She was having swelling and pain in her legs. That night her pain increased and the next day she had no pain and swelling. She continued seeing her doctor and she had another healing from me for her pain, which did help ease it.


Case Number 3:  A woman was having Arthritic Pain in her legs and hands. It was hard for her to walk and do things around the house. She wanted some relief. After the healing she felt relaxed and tired & had a good sleep. The next day she had so much energy, she was walking all around the house doing chores with ease and her family kept telling her to not over do it! :)


Case Number 4:  A woman had a major car accident. She was banged & bruised all over, had a painful,broken sternum and it was hard for her to take a deep breath & as she moved around it would move and creek. It was hard for her to sit up straight and walk. She wanted a healing from me. After the healing and releasing things, she could take a deep breath without it hurting, just a dull ache, and walking around was a lot better for her.  No more moving and creeking in her chest area. This happened immediately after the healing took place! 



The Aetherius Society

The Inner Potential Centre

Auckland's newest & brightest learning centre for healing, yoga, metaphysics and the psychic and spiritual sciences








Spiritual Counselling

EMOTIONAL HEALING~As we walk through life we pick up a great deal of negative energy. Events happen in our lives where we end up feeling intensely angry inside, hurt, sad, alone, traumatised, depressed, or in great emotional pain. ~And if we are unable to express these feelings or find a way to release them, they keep building up over time and they slowly start to weigh us down, they begin to affect our moods and they influence everything we do in our lives, in fact, our whole life can appear bleak and hopeless.~There is a way out - a simple way. ~ Five weekly 2-3 hour sessions is all it takes to clear away most of the negative energy inside of you. Glen Russell, a Spiritual Counsellor, and working with the angels above, will help you to find yourself again.~The five weekly sessions include spiritual counselling, emotional release therapy, forgiveness therapy, regression, hypnotherapy and the emotional freedom technique, amongst others. 

Glen lives in New Zealand.  (Please check out his website below).

Email:  [email protected]




YOUR SOUL LIFE BLUEPRINT~Living on the Earth Plane in not an easy thing to do - and we can often feel overwhelmed by the negative energy all around us. ~ Often we do not understand why we are here on Earth and feel lost and confused. ~ By discovering your soul's Life Blueprint - which is encoded in your full name and date of birth (at the time of your birth), through the science of Numerology  and Spirit guidance, we are able to determine why you are here, and more precisely, the 3 main life lessons you are here to overcome. ~ Your 30 page Life Blueprint includes specific details about your personality, your soul, the karma you need to balance in this lifetime, and your life destiny you have chosen for yourself. ~ You will be amazed at how accurate it is, and how your Life Blueprint resonates deep within your soul. Discovering why you are here can literally change your life overnight.

Glen lives in New Zealand. (Please check out Glen's website below).

Email: [email protected]




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