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These are held in Franklin, New Zealand.

 Contact me for details. 

When I do readings I have many people asking me how to do things, like, how to keep yourself safe, how to ground yourself, how to protect themselves, how to get rid of negativity, etc, etc.......I have so much to say to people, I don't know where to begin really! 

People need to relax, there is soo much stress out there, we need to express ourselves to others in a nice way, because if we keep things in, they will fester and you will get sick (colds, flu, coughs, etc...). We need to relax, rest our minds, balance ourselves once again, so that we can carry on with our day with a clear mind and at peace with ourselves!  Remember we all have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of others. Then we will be strong to help others in all ways & with clear minds.

Be well !!!!  :~)  

So I started this Meditation/Visualisation/Workshop Group and everyone loves it!  If you are interested, please contact me on:  [email protected]


This group runs every second Sunday (11am sharp to 2pm), unless I have a show to do on a weekend. But will keep everyone informed.

The cost is:               at this stage.

(Prices may vary)



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