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Testimonials from Around the Globe!

*Wow! Very enlightening. Everything made sense!

Michelle, Pukekohe, New Zealand


*Thank you so much for your reading. Was very interesting and accurate.

J., Pukekohe, New Zealand


*Excellent reading, truthful and to the point.

Chris, Waiuku, New Zealand


*Awesume reading - on track. Definitely would recommend!

L., Papakura, New Zealand



R., Auckland, New Zealand


*Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lynn, Mt. Albert, New Zealand


*Wonderful reading! Recommend!

I., Mt. Albert, New Zealand


*Wow! All things evident were told to me through Mary! Ta! <3

Kim, Pukekohe, New Zealand


*Marvelous, lovely, wonderful!

Emma, Pakuranga, New Zealand


*Mary's readings have proved to be very helpful to me and at times have shocked me with there accuracy. Thanks!

Abbie, Montana, USA


*Hi, I'm Melissa from Philippines. I had my Reading from Mary's Angels last October 17, 2004. Mary's writing was very accurate...and it made me feel better about myself. Her reading made sense to me :) I'd like to Thank Mary's writing for giving me reasons to live my Life and not to lose hope on anything... For "GOD" everything is Possible! And that WE are being Watched and taking Cared of by Our ANGELS all of the time! Again, THANK YOU very much Mary and God Bless :)

Melissa (Philippines)


*I had asked Mary about my studies, I mean if I will get a good college or not, she told me I would, but somewhere near my area not far, which seems to be true, you can't believe it, but she can tell you the truth of your life through her readings. You just have to give her your birth date and real name and she will read for you through her angels. I asked her aobut my love life too and she gave me advice on what should I do. I tell you she tells you about what can happen in your future and what you can do to improve it. I believe in her readings coz mine came true, I hope everyone's comes true too.

Dimple, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


*Mary's reading is a good source of inspiration; makes me optimistic about the future.

Marie, 28, Manila, Philippines


*I am writing this testimonial, because I, myself being psychic, meet a lot of other's who claim to have gift's, but find them struggling to answer simple little test question's! There are far too many fake's in this world! That's why Mary is special! She not only answered my question's, but elaborated in great detail with amazing accuracy! Mary's gift is not only real it is a blessing! She communicates with angel's easily, then writes their messages for you to use at your discretion, and I strongly advise that you listen as receiving this writing from Mary is a true privillage! Thank you, Mary for your insight. I am proud and lucky to have met you!

Abi  :) Perth, Australia


*January 20, 2005 - From E. also known as Tekai!  Having me many spiritual people and myself being spiritual for the best part of my life, I must say Mary stands above the others and I've met only a handful of persons during the years as her...that is mostly online on the internet :). Even though I rarely seek and receive readings from 'psychics' the day I asked her to try to do one for me was a very dark day and I felt strongly I needed someone to tell me what is the right path, so I thank her and the angels guiding her that she was there to help. That is what I felt from her as a person, being very helpful and warm. Her reading was not any different, it was one of the most thorough and detailed I've ever seen and right to the point and the questions that were asked, of course with certain distance as to not be too involving but meant more as a guidance and advice of the right direction, which was my origional question as well. It's good to know there are still good people like Mary helping others in need. Thank you! Lots of light from~

E., Macedonia, South Europe






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