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What is an Orb? 



ORBS are energy from the spirits/angels, caught on camera.


Orbs are circular, or spherical shapes that are invisible to the naked eye and appear in flash photography.

People all around the world have taken photographs in different locations that feature mysterious, hovering orbs of light.

They are thought to be nonphysical beings from other dimensions, or realities.

The phenomenon of orbs attracts, ghost hunters, scientists, paranormal enthusiasts and amateur photographers. 

They are balls of energy and light that are sometimes thought to represent the energy field of a spiritual being.

They are typically white, but also may appear in different colors.

 Spirits concentrate their energies into an orb shape and make their energy fields visible as orbs in photographs.

Different colored orbs may reflect a particular spirit, or angel's frequency, or vibration.

There is no one consensus as to what type of spiritual beings are associated with spirit orbs.

People may believe them to be ghosts, fairies, evil spirits, angels, or spirits of the departed.

 The appearance of orbs in a photograph may indicate a spiritual being attempting to communicate with the photographer, or the person in the photograph.

Sometimes, people may see a pattern, like a snowflake, or a face reflected in the spirit orb that they may, or may not recognize.



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